Ukes of the Valley is a ukulele group that has three goals: 1) Have fun. 2) Learn and grow as musicians. 3) Share our music with others. The group is open to anyone, whether you are an absolute beginner or a highly experienced player. Here are the details:

  • We meet on Tuesday evenings at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran
    in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

  • We play a variety of music, both secular and nonsecular. Most
    songs on our playlist are suggested by group participants.

  • Beginner instruction is available from 6:00-6:20.

  • Our session runs from 6:20-8:00, and usually includes the
    - A few beginner-friendly songs to get started
    - One or two "workshop" songs--songs that we spend extra time on
    to learn and/or improve
    -A play-along jam, using our Ukes of the Valley Songbook

This format may vary, particularly if we are preparing for a performance.

Ukes of the Valley Songbook
and Beginner's Guide

The Ukes of the Valley song sheets are provided for personal and instructional use only. The song sheets are stored on the Twin Cities Ukulele Club Dropbox. (You can also access our 2-page Ukulele Guide for Beginners here.)

Ukes of the Valley Songbook and Song Sheets

If you would like to print out a full copy of our songbook, you can select UOTV Songbook from the link above. The songbook is designed to be printed back-to-back. The current version of the songbook includes 50 songs. When we introduce new songs, separate song sheets will be made available. (I plan to generate a new edition of the songbook about once a year.)