Consider the power of words.

Words matter. They can inform, persuade, and teach. They can build someone up; they can tear someone down. They can be inspirational and motivational. I've made words my career--as a writer, editor, teacher, and tutor. If you need help with words, I'd be happy to hear from you.

I'm Dan.

I have been a communication professional for over 25 years.   In that time, I have designed training programs and materials for clients in a wide range of industries; prepared marketing materials; written feature stories for magazines; prepared policy and procedure documents, as well as other types of technical writing; taught college-level communication and leadership courses; and provided one-on-one tutoring.  

I also enjoy making music, especially in group settings. My primary instrument is ukulele, but I also play a bit of guitar and stick dulcimer.

These are some things I can do for you.

  • Tutoring in the areas of written and oral communication 

  • Workplace and feature writing

  • Beginner-level instruction on ukulele (See the Ukulele section of this website.)

black computer keyboard on black surface
black computer keyboard on black surface

Photo by Nazym Jumadilova on Unsplash

Contact me.